Saturday, February 1, 2014

On Location Airbrush MakeUp & Hair Artist,Savannah,GA

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to start this shiny new year of 2014 with a friendly Hello to my readers from Beyond Beautiful by Heather  and tell you just a little bit about who I am and what I all do here in Savannah, Ga as an on location Make up and Hair Artist!!  I have been an on site exclusive luxury makeup and hair artist for a total of 13 years and here in Savannah, GA for the last 5 years. Airbrush makeup is an art that I have love doing for clients and brides and it is a wonderful waterproof lightweight foundation makeup that is beautiful and flawless, especially those with an oily skin type or for those that need waterproof wear for a long day event such as weddings where many happy tears will be shed!!
 Hair artistry is also a long time passion of mine. The looks have evolved so much through the decades and 2014 is definitely the year of the natural more “elegantly messy updo's” look as I like to call it. Soft, sexy, slightly bohemian loose updo’s are the rage this season along with luxe, shimmery coppery pinks and rose golds and bronzes on the eyes and face.  Wistful and Romantic makeup looks are stunning this year for brides and clients.  The word ”whimsical" is perfect to describe the luxe mood this year. I would love to work with you if you are a bride planning your perfect day or if you are wanting to get dolled up for an evening out with your special someone.  So ladies, if you are looking for a luxury and affordable makeup artist in Savannah,Ga  and or hair artist in Savannah, Ga for your special event, I hope to hear from you soon! Call Heather at 912-713-7039 or email me at and take a look at my galleries on the website at!
Cheers Everyone!!!
Photo by Zoe Christou Welsh

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hello All!
Today I want to take a look at what is the hot trend for all you sweet brides planning your 2014 weddings:)  As a make up and hair artist, it is crucial I keep on top of what is hot for the next wedding season at all times. In 2013, I saw a lot of navy and green and wild flowers and also a lot of burlap and lace and twine and the low messy bun and the fresh natural face for makeup.  Every season has it's beauty and unique style of colors and decor and the hair and makeup is no exception:) The style has evolved from smooth and sleek updo's to much more "undone" updo's which is what I like to call " elegantly messy"!
The coming year brings some exciting and elegant new looks for brides. Think "Gatsby",... think "Haute Couture"..and think..."Rita Hayworth"!!! Blend these..and you get WOW!!:) Elegant luxe tones of Pearl Grey, Champagne, Gold, Blush, and Cream and yes...heavy beading!!! Accents of pearls and chunky rhinestones on brooches nestled in the updo's are going to be popular. Slightly messy version of the finger wave is going to be hot this year incorportated into the nape of the neck textured bun. The makeup this year, which does vary from bride to bride of course, but they eyes will have it in the spotlight. The "slightly smokey eye" will smolder but not overwhelm and still be elegant and bridal but the rest of the face will be glowy and the nude pink lip will definitely take center stage. However, with the finger waves back in fashion, the matte deep red lip is always a stunner and continues to remain a constant in fashion world and will be seen on many "vintage" bridal looks.
I can not wait to create more stunning updo's this coming season and a flawless face that will captivate many grooms:) If you are having a destination wedding in Savannah, GA and are looking for an on location makeup and hair artist, Savannah, GA, please check out my website and gallery of photos at or  I hope to hear from you all soon.

Beauty is a Gift to be Coveted....

Beyond Beautiful by Heather
Savannah, GA

Thursday, July 11, 2013

On Location Make Up & Hair Artist Savannah, GA

Hello Everyone!
Today Beyond Beautiful by Heather has been busy with bridal trials for airbrushed makeup and updo artistry for two future destination brides:)
Savannah is such a lovely city to say "I DO" in, but it certainly is a steamy hot city in the summer. My brides always ask me what can they do to keep their pretty makeup from melting off their face when getting married here in the summer.. I say...AIRBRUSH MAKEUP in Savannah Ga!!! This wonderful product is a cry proof and waterproof makeup that stays put hour after hour! It is made to last from 16-24 hours.
I use longwear event makeup with a long day of tears and celebrating in mind so you don't have to worry about losing your flawless look!
Beyond Beautiful by Heather not only offers on location makeup artistry but also hair artistry and nail services as well as spray tanning. I try to offer the best services I know my brides will need to feel ready for their memorable day, especially those arriving from out of town!!
I have been a freelance artist for brides for 14 years this year and love it more every year:) If you are getting married and are seeking a skilled on location bridal makeup and hair artist in Savannah GA to come to you on your wedding day to get you and your bridal party ready for your special day.. Please check out my website at and take a look at my galleries of bridal makeup and hair artistry I have done!
Hope to hear from you!!
Heather Ferguson
Beyond Beautiful by Heather

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Beach Inspired Bride...

Hello Ladies,
I have many brides here in the Savannah area that get married  out on beautiful Tybee Island and Hilton Head Island for romantic bare foot beach weddings. What can be more laid back and romantic than that right?  Well, as an on location makeup and hair artist, I get asked to create so many different looks depending on what the theme or feel of the wedding is to be.  I love to create such individual looks for every bride:)  Beach inspired hair is typically long and flowing and typically have those sought after slightly loose and slightly messy textured beach waves. This is such a fun look to create. I use a specific sized wand and glove to create these sea side looks for brides. The look is to be carefree but yet romantic and still polished for the wedding. Often I do a loose twist braid slightly woven back and hidden in amongst the waves to keep the hair away from the face but still give the look of the beach bridal "undo" that is all the rave these days:) 
Brides often want the airbrush makeup to keep the shine at bay from the humid air on the beach but still want the bronzed but natural glowing goddess effect which is gorgeous with the right combinations of bronzers highlighters, shimmers and fluttery sexy eyelashes and typically a nude lip to finish this gorgeous beach look.
If you are getting married and are seeking an on location hair artist Tybee Island or on location makeup artist tybee island, please consider using Beyond Beautiful by Heather and find me at  
Blessings till next post,
Heather Ferguson, Savannah GA

Sunday, May 5, 2013

My top 10 faves in the Make Up Bag!!

Hello All!

Today I want to list my 10 favorite makeup items I feel every girl should have in her little makeup bag to get you gorgeous and feel confident in the few minutes you have in the morning before you fly out the door to begin your hectic day:)
So many lady friends and clients always ask me... "Heather, as a makeup artist, can you tell me what is honestly the best necessities to have in my makeup bag that can make me look good fast before my crazy day begins?" , which as we all agree, is pretty much all the time for most of us! By the way if you are looking for a professional on location make up artist and hair artist Savannah, GA, please find me at

1. Concealer!!~ A good creamy consistency one! Honestly one of the best inventions known to woman:) Concealing all the red spot areas often will get rid of the need for foundation!! Under the eyes, corners of nose, corners of mouth , crease in chin, acne marks or age spots, between the eyebrows.
2. Eye Shadow Base ~ You can find these by the dozen in Sephora or Ulta and they all tote their own greatness but honestly, I find they are all quite similar in outcome. I prefer the tinted ones personally compared to the clear ones. It makes a nice
pallette for your shadows and liner!

3. Tinted Moisturizer ~ Honestly, there is a difference in tinted moisturizers. Some are truly better in consistency and blendability and color tones than others. My fave is the original first created tinted moisturizer..Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It's just amazing ladies!

4. Eye Brow Pencil or Brow Powder~ You have to frame the eyes ladies! It's like hanging an unframed painting on the wall. Even a little bit of brow powder in between the brow hairs if they are sparse, and accenting your natural arch makes all the difference:)

5. High Lighting Champagne or Goldy Colored Eye Shadow~ Find one that is shimmery. This should go right on the eye lid and a touch on the brow bone..your eyes just pop right up when you do this!!

6. Defining Mascara~ So many choices out there..ugh!! Honestly, find one that works for you, even if it is a drug store brand, but going without mascara is just not an option girls:)

7. Blush~ Smile ladies!! Blush is scientifically proven to make us appear..Rested, Happy, Healthy, Content, Loved & Excited. Dont' skip the blush girls. It's my favorite beauty item I think:) Smile first and then pop the color on the apple of the cheeks!

8. Pinkish Red Lip Color~ O.k. I know a lot of you are afraid of lip color.. But it really makes the lips look plump and pretty and finishes the face! If you are not a fan of lipstick and liners, choose one of my favorites for a toned down moisturized version from Burts Bees Shimmer Sticks. These are awesome and come in beautiful healthy looking sheer colors!

9. Bronzer ~ Choose one that is not too dark for you ladies! We often want to have a faux glow on our porcelain faces, but choose one too dark and our face no longer matches our body! LOL.. For a nice drug store brand, try Physicians Formula Bronzers.. They are good for the price!

10. Eye Liner~ Don't forget one of the most important items!! Last but not least, eye liner pencils. I prefer the ones you sharpen instead of the self sharpening ones you twist up. You get a sharper cleaner line! Choose a waterproof kind in very black and brown. For drugstore, Revlon Color stay are nice!
There you have it ladies! Enjoy!
Heather F.
Beyond Beautiful by Heather

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Modern Vintage Bride ~ by MakeUp Artist Savannah GA

Hello my fellow readers!

Thank you for reading my blog today. We are talking VINTAGE!
If you haven't noticed yet, the modern bride is going vintage these days, but
with a modern twist! What a drop dead gorgeous statement this
makes! It's timeless and fashionable and just plain elegant!
When a bride comes to me and says, " I am thinking of going
vintage with my hair and makeup on my wedding day", I say " YES!!! LET'S DO IT:)"  The vintage style is flawless, Old HollyWood Glam all the way. Usually a crimson lip is top of the list with a soft gleaming eye and long, fluttery lashes!  It truly is one of my all time favorites since it graced the faces of so many timeless beauties as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Rita Hayworth. On the wedding day, especially if you are getting married outside in Savannah, I recommend the staying power of the airbrush makeup that I love so much because it is cryproof for up to 16 hours of flawless coverage! I use only waterproof liners, shadows and mascaras to prevent your beautiful face from falling down onto that beautiful dress! LOL! Along with that lovely vintage face, we should follow suit with a similar hair style! When my brides want a modern vintage look, I will ask them how vintage they want to go. Vintagey hair can go from the pin curl waves to the victory rolls to the sleek low smooth chignon, to a variation of a french twist, and the list goes on. There are so many choices when the word VINTAGE comes up:) I love them all and have so much fun creating them for brides and clients for every special event! If you are looking for an on location makeup and hair artist Savannah GA, please take a look at my website at for a full view of my galleries and services and pricing information!! I hope to hear from you all soon, and remember...."Beauty is a Gift to be Coveted!
Stay Beautiful,
Heather Ferguson
Beyond Beautiful by Heather
On Location Make Up and Hair Artist Savannah GA

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hello my fellow readers!
  Today I am simply writing about my view through the eyes of a makeup artist and give you a peek into my world!  Intrigued? Most people think I have a really fun job..well.. they are right!  I love my work!!  It is something I am extremely passionate about!  Here is a little peek of how I see things!
  When I meet you for the first time, I know nothing about you or your personality etc.. I see a canvas!  A beautiful blank canvas for me to create a masterpiece.  I bet you get up every morning and go to the mirror and say, “Well, here I am again, same old , same old,” right?  Ha ha… I know it’s true, I do the same thing. However, your face is a whole exciting new opportunity for me to make something even more beautiful.  When you see yourself, you don’t usually notice how amazing your eye shape is, or your beautiful bone structure or your great lip shape right?  I do!!  I must begin my work by creating an even toned palette, meaning, I need to hide the reddened areas and bluish tones before I can contour and highlight. In this way, the beautiful eyes and lips and bone structure is what is subtly showcased, not the uneven pigmentation of the skin.  I really feel like a painter most of the time.  You must start with a clean even surface. One of the most asked questions I get from clients is how to make their eyes stand out and look really amazing. You want to know the key to achieving that?  CONCEALER  and a great EYE BASE!  Yep! It’s not really which eye shadow colors and liners per say, at least not to start off with.  You have to clean up that eye first and create an even toned canvas for those shadows and liners to really make an impact on!  When you hire me, I take into consideration your eye color, your hair color, your skin tone, your outfit you will wear, and where you are going, whether it be your wedding or a fun night out or even engagement photos! My job changes for each person because there is no face like the other. I love this part of my work. I never get bored!  Whether I am doing your makeup or hair or both, I get to be an artist and it makes me happy to see you smile after I am finished and you take a look and realize how gorgeous you all are!  Well, that will conclude today’s little post.  If you are looking for an on location makeup artist Savannah, GA please contact me on my website at and let me help you realize how beautiful you really are with my artistic touch! 
Until next post…remember.. Beauty is a Gift to be Coveted.
Heather F.