Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hello All!
Today I want to take a look at what is the hot trend for all you sweet brides planning your 2014 weddings:)  As a make up and hair artist, it is crucial I keep on top of what is hot for the next wedding season at all times. In 2013, I saw a lot of navy and green and wild flowers and also a lot of burlap and lace and twine and the low messy bun and the fresh natural face for makeup.  Every season has it's beauty and unique style of colors and decor and the hair and makeup is no exception:) The style has evolved from smooth and sleek updo's to much more "undone" updo's which is what I like to call " elegantly messy"!
The coming year brings some exciting and elegant new looks for brides. Think "Gatsby",... think "Haute Couture"..and think..."Rita Hayworth"!!! Blend these..and you get WOW!!:) Elegant luxe tones of Pearl Grey, Champagne, Gold, Blush, and Cream and yes...heavy beading!!! Accents of pearls and chunky rhinestones on brooches nestled in the updo's are going to be popular. Slightly messy version of the finger wave is going to be hot this year incorportated into the nape of the neck textured bun. The makeup this year, which does vary from bride to bride of course, but they eyes will have it in the spotlight. The "slightly smokey eye" will smolder but not overwhelm and still be elegant and bridal but the rest of the face will be glowy and the nude pink lip will definitely take center stage. However, with the finger waves back in fashion, the matte deep red lip is always a stunner and continues to remain a constant in fashion world and will be seen on many "vintage" bridal looks.
I can not wait to create more stunning updo's this coming season and a flawless face that will captivate many grooms:) If you are having a destination wedding in Savannah, GA and are looking for an on location makeup and hair artist, Savannah, GA, please check out my website and gallery of photos at or  I hope to hear from you all soon.

Beauty is a Gift to be Coveted....

Beyond Beautiful by Heather
Savannah, GA

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