Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Airbrush MakeUp, Savannah GA

Hello all!
Today, just a tid bit on the wonderment of Airbrush MakeUp~
Have you ever wondered why and how the starlets on T.V. in Hollywood always look so glamorous? The secret is Airbrush Make Up!! This product that seems so fascinating is really just a small compressor and airbrush gun used to spray a fine mist of foundation onto the skin giving it a seamless quality. It is the foundation itself that is the complicated subject. There are different types of airbrush foundation. There are water based ones that spray on nicely, but are not waterproof. These are called Glamour Foundations. There are the other kind of airbrush foundations that are waterproof and are comprised of an alcohol base that holds to the skin even through tears on a wedding day.  Either way, they provide a beautiful finish in photos and for a long day of events such as a wedding. If you are looking for someone to provide professional Airbrush make up in Savannah GA  for an event.. seek out Heather Ferguson, Make Up Artist ,Savannah, GA at beyondbeautifulbyheather.com.  Watch for more informative posts on make up and application tips from MakeUp Artist Savannah,Ga blog! 

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