Sunday, August 5, 2012

All about Eyes!

Hello All!
Today's blog is about those beautiful eyes we all want when we do our make up! Here are the best top artist tips for creating a beautiful eye look! First, make sure you invest in an eye base. There are many on the market, however ones that are tinted either white or skin tone work nicely because they prime the eye lid for shadows to stay but also make a clean uniform toned base. Since we all have thin skin on the eye lids, the skin tone is not uniform and does not make for a clean canvas for our shadows unless we prime or base first.  Now you are on your way.. Second, start with a matte shadow in cream or pale peach or nude to brush over your eye primer. Next, choose a crease color depending on how dramatic you are going for, followed by a slightly shimmery light color for the lid to add dimension. Eye liner is the super star here.. Gel Eye liner is your friend!!! Get some. Many companies all have their own version that are water proof and they create a beautiful clean line. Now add a light color in matte or shimmery depending on what time of day your look is for, on your brow bone for drama and contour and two coats of your favorite mascara on curled eyelashes and you should have a beautiful cover girl worthy eye look!! Stay tuned for more tips and if you are searching for a Makeup Artist  Savannah, GA, look me up at 

Stay Beautiful till next time,
Heather Ferguson

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