Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bridal "Up do " or "Un do" ?

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Today we are gonna talk about the variations a bride or anyone going to a special event can choose when it comes to the "up do" for a pretty hair style! These days, the tight little curls piled high upon the head with a few ringlets dangling off of our sides is rather dated! Let's face it, times change and typically we all like to get in on what is the new cool thing right?
The hot thing in wedding hair these days is what brides refer to as the "un do"!!  This term is becoming more popular as time passes!! Also affectionately referred to as the "messy bun"!!
When a bride is setting her "theme" or "feel" of the wedding, it helps when everything from the flowers to the cake and everything in between kind of follows suit with the same feeling. Including hair and make up!  Let's say a bride is getting married at the beach with a bohemian style wedding, well we probably wouldn't want to choose to have her hair styled in an extremely elegant or vintage style updo.  This type of bride often asks me to create something that looks pretty but soft and loose and romantic but still slightly carefree.  So incorporating twists and braids and deep waves in the hair is gorgeous for a wedding themed this way.
The next bride I meet with might be having the ever popular " vintage" themed wedding. This is another gorgeous type of styling.  When brides say "Vintage" to me, I usually need to ask what era they are referring to! Vintage can mean anywhere from the finger waves in the 1920's to the Victory Rolls and pin curls of the 1930's, to the sleek and elegant bun at the nape of the neck with the sides perfectly coiffed in the 1940's.  It can keep going through the years, however, I have yet to have a bride say to me, "Can you make my hair look like a flower child of the 60's or a disco diva of the 70's, or maybe give me head banging hair of the 80's"?  So....when I hear "Vintage", I typically stop calculating after the 1950's styles:) LOL!!   Then, I have the brides that are going for all out elegance!  A style dripping with sophistication and class from the Manolo Blahnik shoes she will wear to the Dom Perignon the guests will drink! This bride will often ask me to create something timeless and perfectly coiffed and smooth in styling such as a perfect chignon or even a low and classy spin on the french twist with no hair out of place and the shine spray galore!!  Honestly, the most popular request I get lately however, is ... The messy "un do".  It's cute and pretty and romantic all at the same time and can be versatile in almost any theme of wedding. The curls are loose and the slightly "messy bun" I create is usually positioned low and off to one side with a soft side sweep bang in the front often accompanied with a little loose twist of some kind to enhance the sides leading to the gathering of loose tousled curls in the back. I love this look along with all the others I get requests for! Those of you who have thin baby fine hair or a short style that is stacked in the back, this makes up do's a tad more challenging! Do not underestimate the awesomeness of clip in hair extensions ladies!! They work wonders! There is always a way to create the illusion of more hair! It's all about being creative!  So when you are getting married and putting together a theme or feeling or inspiration for your wedding day, keep in mind, the hair and make up go hand in hand with your dress and shoes and flowers and everything else. When everything flows together, it makes the wedding day that much more memorable. If you are getting married or going to a special occasion and looking for an on location hair artist in Savannah, GA  and you want something beautiful done with your hair to complete your perfect look, contact Heather Ferguson at  Beauty is a Gift to be coveted.
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Heather Ferguson

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