Wednesday, August 8, 2012

For The Love of Faux Lashes:)

Hi Ladies! how many of us have stood in the bathroom within an inch of the mirror cursing the pain of applying these fake eyelashes that everyone raves about? Trying to apply the glue and apply it to your eye while they actually are sticking to your finger when you let go??  Hmmm..... does this sound familiar? Admit it.. you've done it and so have I and every other woman you know unless you are one of those rare specimens that have lashes two inches long and bat against your sunglasses when you have them on!! If you are one of these lucky ladies blessed with lashes like that... Oh how you are envied:)  However.. for the rest of us.. here is the skinny on fat beautiful lashes that we must fudge the truth on with the falsies ;) 
Make sure that you buy lashes that are fitting for the time of day or event you are going to! I mean we probably don't want to see lashes that look like they could take us to the night club in Vegas when we are just going to the Piggly Wiggly to get groceries, but, to each their own. If you can rock it...go for it:) Anyway, there are the very black lashes that do add nice drama even if they are the natural looking length and thickness. These work great on anyone who is dark to medium haired, and honestly, most everyone can wear some form of the black ones.  Then for the lovely ginger haired and pale blonde ladies with fair complexions, there are some beautiful brown lashes that will be more natural looking on you! These look gorgeous with a brown black mascara. Grab a clear mascara at the store and apply it before you apply your black or brown mascara and watch the definition happen:) Also apply this on the bottom lashes for that doll eyed effect!  So, it's time to figure out how to apply these cool but crazy lashes.  Here is a great little secret if you don't already know it...get a hand mirror and put it on the counter in the bathroom or wherever you will have good lighting. Bend over and look down into the mirror and set your lashes across your eye to measure for the length. Can you see by doing this, how much easier this will be than looking straight into the bathroom mirror?  Once you have measured for the length of your lashes, use a lash or cuticle scissors and trim from the outer corner end what you don't need. Now for the glue!  There are a ton of different kinds you could try. Of course Ardell waterproof Lash Grip glue is popular everywhere. It's a timeless favorite and usually gives good results. It is a latex glue though, so those of you that may be allergic, beware!!  A brand called Duo is also one of the most popular and raved about brands of glue. It comes in brush on and regular tube formula. It comes in white which dries clear or dark black which you may like if you are going for a dramatic look or you are dark skinned. Either way, it's a great glue! Now that you have measured and cut your lashes to the proper length, and made sure your eye lids are clean and without makeup or oils from any eye make up removers, it's time to apply the glue to the lash strip! Do not be in a rush to glob it on thinking more is better here ladies.. it's not. But too little, that's not good either, just a happy medium. After you lay a stripe of glue across the lash band, wait and count 30 seconds to let the glue set and then with a tweezers holding the lashes, look down again into your hand mirror and apply the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. Press the strip down in the middle and then press down on each end to secure them. Wait a good two or three minutes before you give them a gentle tug to see if they are secure. If they are, you are ready to proceed with your eye makeup and shadows to your heart's desire:)  After you have applied your shadows and then liners, give your lashes a nice curl with an eyelash curler to blend your lashes with the falsies before applying two coats of your fave mascara!!
There you have it ladies! It's not as hard as we thought:) Are you running to get your hand mirror yet and try this? LOL!!  If you like my blog, you will love my work if you are getting married or having a special event and you want Bridal makeup in Savannah GA or Wedding Hair Styling in Savannah, GA, contact me at and keep following me on Makeup Artist Savannah blog spot!
Blessings till next time!
Heather Ferguson

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