Monday, August 13, 2012

Can I be photo shopped please???

Hello Everyone!
O.k. so, today I want to talk a little about make up and photo shop:)  What do these two things have in common right? Well, as a professional make up artist, I get a lot of brides and clients that come to me with a stack of photos in hand of what look they are wanting to accomplish for their wedding day or special event!
Typically, I see beautiful examples out of  People magazine red carpet photos of Holly Wood starlets such as Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Carrie Underwood, Charlize Theron, and etc...   From this point many of my lovely brides to be say I love her look in this photo, can we duplicate this.   This is where it can get a little tricky!  You see, the thing is, we are regular human beings with regular skin that has freckles and possibly scars from past acne or bumps from current acne issues and fine lines here and there!  Even those beautiful stars you see in those glossy pages of the People magazine or Brides Magazine, they do not have perfect skin. Not even close. The make up artists these famous A Listers have, do the best job they can do as far as concealing, high lighting, slimming, camouflaging, brightening and contouring, but after that..... PHOTO SHOP!!  Yes ladies, that is correct. Not even those seem to be perfect starlets can look that perfect without help.  Make Up artists such as myself pride ourselves on making a naturally pretty face look even prettier with our bag of magic tricks, but the truth is, whatever can't be covered or bumps that can't be hidden etc... Photographers are magic makers to!! Oh boy are they!  They can remove scars and shadows and tattoos and all sorts of things out of a photo with their photo shop magic!  How wonderful is that!!  I wish that when any of you come to me and say, I want to look just like this picture of Eva Longoria, I could make you look exactly that way, but no one ever knows how she really looked before Photo Shop got a hold of that photo.
Also, keep in mind, there is a big difference between two words that seem to confuse a lot of people.. these terms are " naked" and "nude".  Does not sound like much difference in the meaning does it?  Well let me explain. A "naked" face is one that you have no make up on at all when you head to the gym for a sweaty pilates class:)  A "nude" face is one that looks flawless and natural in tones and high lights and contouring and definition but with no real colors added from blushes and eye shadows etc... So, basically, a seamless airbrush makeup foundation coverage but not too heavy, with a natural bronzer for contouring, some matte highlighters where needed for dimension and defined eyelashes with a peachy pink nude lip gloss.  Hope this makes sense!  Many clients say, but Carrie Underwood looks so natural in this photo!! Oh if you only knew how much make up she really had on to look that "Natural"!  Plus of course then....PHOTO SHOP!  Lol!!
So, you see ladies, no matter how awesome make up can make you look, there are always going to still be small imperfections that will then be erased in a photo at the talented hand of a photographer!! So, when you hold that mirror up to see my masterpiece after I am finished and you gaze at your reflection for the first time, if you hold that mirror two inches from your face, you will immediately begin to find every possible little flaw that might be there. When you hold the mirror at a distance of where most people would be face to face distance from you.. you will be saying...Wow, I'm gorgeous:)  So, the truth is my lovely ladies, when in real life, no matter how great of a make up artist has done your make up.... We are not photo shopped until we are in a photograph!:)  I hope this helps all of you realize that even the small imperfections we all have, makes us human and beautiful and real, and not like a wax statue.  If you are looking for a Makeup Artist in Savannah, GA, please contact Heather Ferguson by going to my website at

Be Blessed and Beautiful until next post!
Heather Ferguson

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