Monday, September 24, 2012

Hey Sweet Cheeks...

Hello All,
Sorry it's been a bit since my last post! But... I'm back today to chat about one of our favorite must have's in our make up bag...BLUSH!!!  Yep.. that amazing product that makes us immediately look awake, and refreshed, and happy and youthful.. and ..well.. you get the picture:)  With all the "rosy" choices out there for blushers, it makes a girl's head spin doesn't it? Well, let's break it down!  Typically if you have dry skin.. a cream blush is a good choice. Even a mousse blush, which are the newer breed of blushes out there, are smart for someone with dry skin. They give a slightly dewy finish and look very much like the skin is blushing from within. Becareful though as to putting cream or mousse blushes over top your powder that you use as a foundation or your setting powder. Often times.. you will end up with a ruddy looking patch where your foundation was removed from the cream blush. If you apply your cream blush before putting on foundation, you will have to go lightly not to completely wipe away your blush with your foundation and also your powder may stick in a patch to your cream blush. .. Wheww!!  Hope that makes sense ladies! On the days when you are not feeling like doing the powder thing though and going maybe foundationless and maybe just using concealer here and there... the cream blush looks glowy and pretty! Now.. those of us with oily skin types.. beware!  Cream blushes are not necessarily bad but not the best for oily skin.  You will probably have more trouble with getting the color to stay on the skin. It seems to disappear more easily on oily skin. Also, cream blushes can make the pores look larger on someone with oily skin as well.   Gel or liquid blushes are great for those of us with a shiny complexion.  They are typically oil free and light and blend easily into the skin but, sometimes the color is so light, you may have to apply it in layers to get the color to the consistency that you would like. Gel blushes do not clog pores and are a nice choice for a quick wash of rosy color when you are heading to the beach or something.    Now, of course we come to everyone's stand by.. Powder Blushes!!:)  This type of cheek pigment has been around for decades. It comes in tons of beautiful shades from peach to plum to everything in between. It works well for basically every skin type out there.  If you want to really have staying power, you can layer a powder blush over top your cream or gel blush.  Now that really holds the color true! Matte blushes give a more natural finish while blushes with mica in them give that bit of shimmery glow.  It all depends on what you are going for! I like matte blushes better.. because you can always add a wash of shimmer with a light shimmer powder if you like but if your blush has it already in there.. watch out.. you don't want to look like a disco ball when the sun hits your face:) LOL!! 
Now, where do we put it when applying it?  Well, as a make up artist... I like to generally apply blush where it looks like your face naturally would turn pink from being warm or happy or exited:) The apples of the cheeks when you smile, this is the place to first put a pop of blush, then on the bridge of the nose, not the tip of it like Rudolph;)  Then on the temples slightly and on the sides of the forehead by the hair line!  There ya go! Easy, and you can look like you are happy and rested and ready to face the day in one minute if that's all you have time for some days.    Now aren't blushes better than resorting to the way of pinching our cheeks all day to get that glow? LOL!  Well, anyway, I hope this helps a few of you at least that are pondering the blush question:)  I love blush. It's one of my most favorite beauty items in my kit!  If any of you are out there looking for an On Location Make Up Artist in Savannah GA, please contact Heather Ferguson, Make Up and Hair Artist, Savannah Ga and find my website at . 
Happy Blushing Ladies:)
Till Next Post,
Heather Ferguson
Make Up and Hair Artist, Savannah GA  

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