Thursday, October 11, 2012

MASCARA.!!! ....Need I say more?:)

Hello Ladies!
Alright so today we are seriously going to chat about the one product no woman can live without.....
MASCARA!!!!  Let's list the plethora of types and qualities of the gazillion mascaras out there!
We have lengthening, thickening, building, fortifying, strengthening, lengthening + thickening, curling, fattening, tubes, gel, waterproof, washable waterproof and the list keeps going right??
I bet every time you ladies walk into a Sephora or even your local walmart, you find yourself wandering through the makeup aisle thinking, " Hmmm....I wonder what new mascara I should try that will transform my short wimpy lashes into long, lucious, curled wisps ?"  Well, let's talk a bit about what mascara is really going to do for you and your lovely lashes!!  Everywhere you look, there is a new mascara promising you the prettiest flirtiest lashes ever, but the truth is, whether High End or Drug Store, they do about the same thing!! Yep...That's right girls. You can get the same beautiful look from a less expensive mascara such as Loreal's Voluminous as you can from the high end Lancome Definicils or Dior Show.  I've used everything from Maybelline Great Lash (which is still one of my favorite go to's by the way) to Dior Show Doll Lashes, and I can honestly say, it's usually the brush that seems to make the difference in the way the product applies to your lashes. A skinny long brush will create definition while a thick fat brush creates thickness!  Benefit's famous mascara "They're Real" however nice, still barely shows any difference when compared to Loreal's Voluminous when applied to the lashes.  There is a slight variation in formulas, but for the most part, they are comparable. It's also the technique you use to apply!! Always start at the base of your lashes and then slowly...WIGGLE the brush back and forth slightly while you go up to the tips. Do this several times with the first coat then do the second coat. Layering your mascara's is a popular make up artist trick.  For example, try Loreal Voluminous first then top with Maybelline Illegal Lengths and see what you get!!  KAPOW!!!  Nice:)  No single mascara can do it all! Now as for waterproof types, you have to be a bit more careful because there is a drying agent in waterproof mascaras that will make the lashes so dry that they will flake down onto our under eye and cheeks! Waterproof mascaras should not be used on a daily basis if not needed.  They can truly dry the lashes out and cause breakage over time.  Save the waterproof for special occasions like weddings or a day at the pool or beach! The newer lines of mascaras these days are geared towards fortifying your lashes and enhancing the natural lash growth cycle.. I find this cool!!  Revlon Grow Lucious is actually my fave these days on myself.  I notice I have less lash fall out using this. Lancome's Definicils is truly the number one mascara bought by makeup artists and customers across the country, however, I believe you can get the same look with a good drugstore brand to.  Much like paying for a brand name on a pair of jeans or a high end brand hand bag, it's the same with Mascara!!  So ladies, that is my input on the hype of mascara! Hope it helped a little and if you are looking for a good Make up Artist in Savannah GA, contact Heather at and let me help with your special event or wedding day makeup!
Warm Wish til next post:)

Heather Ferguson
Make Up Artist, Savannah GA

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