Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hello my fellow readers!
  Today I am simply writing about my view through the eyes of a makeup artist and give you a peek into my world!  Intrigued? Most people think I have a really fun job..well.. they are right!  I love my work!!  It is something I am extremely passionate about!  Here is a little peek of how I see things!
  When I meet you for the first time, I know nothing about you or your personality etc.. I see a canvas!  A beautiful blank canvas for me to create a masterpiece.  I bet you get up every morning and go to the mirror and say, “Well, here I am again, same old , same old,” right?  Ha ha… I know it’s true, I do the same thing. However, your face is a whole exciting new opportunity for me to make something even more beautiful.  When you see yourself, you don’t usually notice how amazing your eye shape is, or your beautiful bone structure or your great lip shape right?  I do!!  I must begin my work by creating an even toned palette, meaning, I need to hide the reddened areas and bluish tones before I can contour and highlight. In this way, the beautiful eyes and lips and bone structure is what is subtly showcased, not the uneven pigmentation of the skin.  I really feel like a painter most of the time.  You must start with a clean even surface. One of the most asked questions I get from clients is how to make their eyes stand out and look really amazing. You want to know the key to achieving that?  CONCEALER  and a great EYE BASE!  Yep! It’s not really which eye shadow colors and liners per say, at least not to start off with.  You have to clean up that eye first and create an even toned canvas for those shadows and liners to really make an impact on!  When you hire me, I take into consideration your eye color, your hair color, your skin tone, your outfit you will wear, and where you are going, whether it be your wedding or a fun night out or even engagement photos! My job changes for each person because there is no face like the other. I love this part of my work. I never get bored!  Whether I am doing your makeup or hair or both, I get to be an artist and it makes me happy to see you smile after I am finished and you take a look and realize how gorgeous you all are!  Well, that will conclude today’s little post.  If you are looking for an on location makeup artist Savannah, GA please contact me on my website at and let me help you realize how beautiful you really are with my artistic touch! 
Until next post…remember.. Beauty is a Gift to be Coveted.
Heather F.

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